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This is one of the most popular categories for promotional merchandise and there are multiple reasons for it. Totes, sports bags or computer cases are stylish and sensible. The look good and serve a purpose. They are useful for men and women, and for the young and older! Totes and bags also appeal to those who are into eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Whatever your target market, in our Bags category, you will find a style that appeals to a large population segment. This means that you will be using a marketing product that will not just be shoved into a drawer and forgotten. Bags can help you promote yourself as a serious entrepreneur because you are investing a significant budget for promotion and marketing. They can also serve as great personalized awards because they make for a visible symbol of recognition long after the award is given.


Some of our most discerning clients like bookmarks as promotional merchandise because of their flexibility and portability. We create a wide range of customized bookmarks and it is a product that lends itself to different kinds of promotional contexts – from trade fairs to in-store giveaways. We offer different kinds of bookmarks that range from simple to swanky. You can opt for the seed-paper inserted eco-friendly bookmark or choose an embossed silver bookmark. Depending on the image you want to create and your budget, bookmarks allow a great degree of customization. Custom-printed bookmarks will serve as your calling cards long after your interaction with your potential customer.

Direct Mail Products

Seasoned marketing managers have found that direct mail marketing campaigns continue to be effective when done well, even in times of technological marketing. However, it is important to make your direct mail marketing stand out from the junk mail that floods potential customers and one way to make your campaign special is to add one of our promotional products. These products have been chosen with an eye for easy inclusion in direct mail packages. They are light and small; eye-catching and effective. By adding your customized message or logo, you can personalize these marketing products. These products can work like a personal visit by a persuasive salesperson!


Our polycarbonate water bottles pack quite a punch as promotional merchandise - they suggest a message of energy and environmental –awareness. And they make for a great canvas for logos! These bottles come in many sizes, shapes and colors and so there is quite a variety to choose from. They are versatile in that they work in multiple settings and that different kinds of customers will find them useful.

Our drinkware category also includes martini glasses, insulated mugs and bottle openers. We appreciate that you may want to target different levels of customers and have included items that will cater to your different needs. If you are looking for a particular product that we don’t have, feel free to contact us about it and we will source it at the best possible price for you.

Fitness, Health and Wellness

We live in times when there is a great appreciation of the importance of fitness and health. More and more people are taking the time and effort it takes to ensure good health. You can have an effective marketing campaign by choosing your promotional product to complement this interest and focus of many of your customers. Our range of fitness and wellness products range from hostel bags to camping tools. You can choose something simple or elaborate – when you pick a Promocenter Intl. item you can be sure that it will represent you well to your future customers. A company’s image is often linked to the kind of items that are chosen; fitness, health and wellness are good for your brand image!

Food & Edibles

Insider marketing wisdom – “The way to clients’ hearts is straight through their palate!” Good food always puts people in a good mood and makes them receptive and responsive. What better way to sell your business than to use food and edible items as your promotional merchandise? We offer chocolate, candy and nuts in attractive and unique packaging. Whether you are targeting new customers or saying thank you to your loyal client base, you are sure to be popular with our edible marketing material!


The golf links are seen as the ultimate place to seal a deal in a setting of easy friendship. Our promotional merchandise of golf accessories allow you to do the same even when you don’t get to hang out at the course with each of your customers. Golfing which is one of the most popular leisure activities in the country appeals to amateurs and experts. Our range of golf related items can help you address both these groups of golf lovers. Whether you choose the simple golf bag tags or the suave crystal golf clock, your custom-printed merchandise will resonate with every golf lover! And that is the kind of relaxed acceptance that will go a long way in building your business.

Luggage & Travel

Travel is associated with adventure and excitement. Luggage & Travel related promotional merchandise can appeal to the hidden adventurer in each of your customers. Whether they see themselves as hardened travel warriors and unsung explorers, travel related merchandise can be very useful and appealing. Here is a category of promotional items that works for both genders and it will stay with them a while. We offer everything from elegant luggage tags to efficient wheeled-luggage – you can pick something that will complement your company’s image. And you can be sure that this is message that will go the distance!


Everything from family-vacation photos to children’s report cards are put up on refrigerators and microwaves in many a kitchen thanks to magnets. A magnet with your company name and contact information will be at the tip of a client’s finger purely because of its high visibility. Magnets come in many sizes and shapes and in many different forms such as photo frames and calendars. They are easy to carry and distribute and they are a simple but sure way of capturing attention. They offer top-of-mind recall and that is a great feature for any promotional giveaway!

Outdoor, Sports & Leisure

People love anything that helps them pursue their interests. And many people love hanging out outdoors.  From the intrepid Extreme sportsperson to the relaxed picnickers, the great outdoors offers something for everybody. Promocenter Intl. offers a wide range of promotional items that will work well for all outdoor enthusiasts. Small and handy 10-in-1 screwdrivers can be great in emergency situations just like the flashlights. Custom-printed water bottles and lip balms can work for a day in the sun or a weekend in the wilderness. Grateful customers are going to be happy to use your promotional products!

Picture frames

Picture frames are popular as gifts in different setting from baby showers to 50th anniversaries – the reason is that they will become associated with images of fun times and loved ones. A company can also build on this idea and that is why picture frames make for great promotional merchandise or advertising material. Custom-printed picture frames will work much like subliminal messages – people will look at the images of people they love and develop positive associations with your brand and logo! With our range of picture frames from the small magnetic kind to the elaborate brushed silver frames, we offer something for everyone.


Safety-themed promotional merchandise works well for companies that want to send a message of caring and concern. Safety-oriented products will help customers in times of need and make them feel well-prepared. These are positive associations and are an added benefit to any marketing merchandise that carries your name and number. They are also likely to be the kind of products that will last a while and so they will stay with the customers for a long time paving the way for customer loyalty. Browse through Promocenter Intl.’s safety products and find just the thing or if you need something we don’t have, do call us and we will find it for you at the lowest price possible. We will make sure you are safe from over-priced products!

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